Issued: June 2016

The National Procurement Service (NPS) Framework for Wales enables the public sector to procure environmental and flood risk services rapidly and efficiently.

What is the NPS Framework achieving?

Wales has unique flood risk and planning policy challenges. The Framework is bringing these into focus and enabling public bodies to collaborate more when procuring specialist services to advise on the best ways forward.

The Framework also promotes the use of SMEs and the voluntary sector for service delivery, fostering local economic regeneration and providing community benefits.

Who is it for?

All public bodies in Wales can use the Framework, including:

  • Natural Resource Wales (NRW)
  • local authorities
  • NHS
  • the Welsh government and government-sponsored bodies
  • the police and fire services
  • higher and further education institutions.

How WHS can help

To date, WHS is the only SME to have won a place on the Framework.

We are proud of our track record in delivering projects for regulatory bodies and our experience has shown how effective the Framework is in getting work done quickly and cost effectively.

WHS in the Frame

  • Reducing flood risk in Glan Conwy During large storm events, the flows in the Glan Conwy watercourse are too much for the existing drainage network and private properties get flooded. In November 2015, we completed a Project Appraisal Report (PAR) for Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC). Using detailed hydrological analysis and hydraulic modelling, we assessed the flood risks and clarified the cost benefits of a number of options to reduce the flooding problem.
  • Measuring extreme flows in the River Ewenny NRW needed better understanding of the extreme flows in the Ewenny. Using spot gauges targeting specific flows over six months between 2015 and 2016, we provided high-quality data for the Felindre Road River Gauging Project. NRW has been able to improve their extreme-flow rating curves for the Ewenny as a result.
  • Prioritising resources for flood prevention in Conwy In December 2015, unprecedented rainfall resulted in multiple floods across Conwy. A number of Flood Incident Reports (FIR) were needed – too many and too urgently for CCBC to cope with alone. We were known to CCBC because of our earlier Glan Conwy work and took on FIRs for Betws y Coed and Dwygyfylchi under the NPS Framework. Using questionnaires with local residents, a site walkover and CCTV survey to assess the existing drainage network, we were able to produce the FIRs within three weeks. Our analysis of the key flooding issues at both locations will enable CCBC to prioritise resources in the future.

The last word

“Thank you for the work carried out and for your help in setting up the process… we are very pleased… the Felindre Road work was a positive experience” NRW Flood Forecasting Team, South Wales

Procuring specialist environmental and flood risk services in Wales is much simpler than you might think. The NPS Framework allows you to mobilise resources fast and save money in the process.

We are happy to explain the Framework in more detail and show the benefits it offers. Contact WHS to hear more.