The Qube Flow Estimation Service is a cost-effective alternative to buying our software to get river flow estimates. The service provides both monthly and annual mean flows and flow duration statistics.

Most UK river catchments are ungauged and the highest demand for river flow estimates is in these catchments. The Qube Flow Estimation Service is for anyone who’d like an alternative to buying LowFlows 2 software to get the information that’s needed.

An example of a river flow estimate report.


Number of river Flow Estimates12345
Cost (excluding VAT)£195£360£500£620£720

If you need more than 5 estimates, the price is £100 ex VAT per additional estimate.

Please note the costs listed above are indicative only. An additional £75 will be added for the following:

  • If we are unable to define the catchment using the IHDTM drainage network in Qube, manual catchment definition will be required.
  • If there is a significant lake feature in the catchment not identified in the software, manual lake adjustment may be required (Scotland only).

Requesting a river flow estimate

Please email us with your request along with the following information:

  • The grid references of your target location.
  • A map indicating the target location (we will use this to verify your grid references).
  • Your purchase order reference.

We will contact you to finalise the details.