Summer 2017

Take a drain check

Successful site development is dependent on drainage. Step by step, a number of things must be borne in mind. Discharge points Identifying the discharge points for both foul and surface water leaving a site is essential in a planning application. Sites should be scoped out as early as possible to identify nearby watercourses and public … Continued

Wellbeing for Wales

In April 2015, the Well-being of Future Generations Act (FGA) came into law to create a Wales that people want to live in, now and in the future. The FGA was the first legislation in the world to link with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and defined seven well-being goals for Wales. All forty-four public … Continued

Beating the bottleneck. Modelling for a new Dyfi Bridge.

The Grade-II-listed Pont-ar-Ddyfi is a bottleneck on the A487, a critical part of the Welsh north-south and east-west trunk road network. Floods of the River Dyfi regularly close the bridge and divert traffic 16 miles to get to and from Machynlleth. This can pose a significant problem during flood conditions for both residents and emergency … Continued