ReFH 2 delivers a comprehensive update of the Revitalised Flood Hydrograph (ReFH) design package for both catchment and plot scale applications.

Enhancements within the ReFH2.3 model include:

  • Modelling an observed rainfall event and antecedent conditions.
  • The option to apply climate change factors to design rainfall.
  • Closing the water balance within the ReFH rural model.
  • Closing the water balance within the ReFH urban model, including the introduction of depression storage.
  • Use of a summer initial soil moisture content Cini (also available within the legacy ReFH2.2 model).
  • Incorporation of the new BFIHOST19 descriptor from the FEH Web Service.
  • Modelling of FEH13 rainfall is no longer limited to a maximum of 1:1000 year event.

Further information can be found in our new online technical guide and supporting science reports.

ReFH2.3 includes an option to use the legacy ReFH2.2 model, allowing you to recreate results created in older version of the software or revisit existing projects.

ReFH2.3 integrates with the latest versions of Microdrainage, Flood Modeller, InfoWorks, Flow and TUFLOW. These integrations currently use the ReFH2.2 model, thus will require updates to import the new BFIHOST19 descriptor and use the ReFH2.3 model.