System Requirements
Licence Information

Installation Instructions

Download the installer below, then double click the downloaded file to start installation. If you are an existing user upgrading from an earlier version of ReFH2 you should not uninstall your current version first: install the new version on top. This ensures your settings and licence details are preserved.

Download ReFH2 version 3.0.7275.28553
Checksum: 7B5B7D2186F3A501B5D7E9C97D57B4E5
  • Release date: 03 Dec 2019
  • Version: 3.0.7275.28553

Release notes:

  • Modelling an observed rainfall event and antecedent conditions
  • The option to apply climate change factors to design rainfall
  • Closing the water balance within the ReFH rural model
  • Closing the water balance within the ReFH urban model, including the introduction of depression storage
  • Use of a summer initial soil moisture content Cini (also available within the legacy ReFH2.2 model)
  • Incorporation of the new BFIHOST19 descriptor from the FEH Web Service
  • Modelling of FEH13 rainfall is no longer limited to a maximum of 1:1000 year event
  • This release also fixes a bug that had been preventing access by external software including ICM and MicroDrainage