ReFH 2 is available as a standalone/single PC use licence, or as a multi user/network licence through our reseller Jacobs.

ReFH 2 standalone licensing from WHS

  • ReFH 2 is licensed on a per-computer basis; once installed, any user who logs on to the computer can run the software.
  • ReFH 2 is licensed for the purposes of one installation on a single computer during the lease period; sequential installation on multiple computers during the lease period is not permitted.
  • To support hybrid working, you may access that one computer from a single additional remote computer for the duration of the lease period.
  • A replacement serial number may be needed to uninstall and reinstall ReFH 2 on the same or a different computer. The decision to issue a replacement serial number will be at our discretion, not to be unreasonably withheld.
  • Use of ReFH 2 on a virtual machine is not supported.

For further information, please read our full licensing terms and conditions.

ReFH 2 network/cloud licensing from Jacobs

  • ReFH 2 can be installed and used on as many computers as necessary, but may only be used on one computer per licence at any one time during the lease period.
  • Support for network or cloud based licences and associated activation key is provided by Jacobs.

Please see the Jacobs website for more information and FAQs.

Educational and academic licences

Free educational licence

For educational teaching purposes, an annual cloud-based educational licence is available via our reseller Jacobs. This will allow install on your university network and give access to up to 30 students at any one time.

Educational use means use for the purpose of teaching or training purposes on recognised educational courses.

The educational use licence is subject to a signed licence agreement. If you wish to proceed, a member of teaching staff will need to contact our reseller Jacobs.

Discounted Commercial Licence for Research Use

For research purposes , an annual cloud-based licence is available via our reseller Jacobs with 50% discount of fees.

Research use means use for bona fide research to further a body of knowledge, the resulting research papers of which, will be disseminated widely and without delay within the academic community or in the public domain. Such research papers will not be held for the exclusive information or use of the research sponsor or sponsors or in any way restricted from access to the academic community or the wider public.

The research licence is subject to a signed licence agreement. If you wish to proceed, please contact our reseller Jacobs .