• ReFH 2 is licensed on a per-computer basis; once installed, any user who logs on to the computer can run the software.
  • ReFH 2 is licensed for the purposes of one installation on a single computer during the lease period; sequential installation on multiple computers during the lease period is not permitted.
  • A replacement serial number may be needed to uninstall and reinstall ReFH 2 on the same or a different computer. The decision to issue a replacement serial number will be at our discretion, not to be unreasonably withheld.
  • ReFH 2 can only be used locally and cannot be used with Windows Remote Desktop, or virtual machines.

For further information, please read our full licensing terms and conditions.

Educational licence

For educational teaching purposes, an educational licence equivalent to five licences for a three-year period is available for the same price as a single one-year commercial licence. The educational licence is subject to a signed licence agreement. Please contact us for further details.