Error importing descriptors from file – invalid child ‘DDF2022Values’

The following information refers to ReFH2 versions 3.2.7xxx and lower. Versions 3.3.xxxx and above are not affected.

ReFH2: Error importing catchment descriptors from file
The element ‘FEHCDROMExportedDescriptors’ has invalid child element ‘CatchmentAverageDDF2022Values’/’PointDDF2022Values’.

This error occurs when importing the latest XML download from the FEH Web Service (including FEH22 rainfall released in December 2022) to ReFH2 versions 3.2.7xxx and lower. See here for further information on the FEH22 rainfall model.

The latest version of ReFH2 (including the ReFH2.3-FEH22 calibration) is available from the ReFH 2 Download page.