The ReFH 2 Calibration Utility is available for free download. We do not offer support on either the installation or subsequent use of the utility.

To get started, please view the user manual which is located in the Windows Start Menu under Programs/FEH Software/ReFH2 Calibration Utility. Section 7.1 explains how to locate and load a sample database.

The ReFH 2 Calibration Utility tool enables users to calibrate the parameters and initial conditions of the ReFH 2 rural model using observed event rainfall and flow datasets. These calibrated values can be manually entered into the ReFH 2 software as user defined values to override the ReFH 2 design package values.

The use of the ReFH 2 Calibration Utility is subject to the terms and conditions of the End-User Licence Agreement which must be accepted when the software is installed.

Version 1.0.6005.25103