Location: Cardiff

Expertise: Head of Consultancy

Contact number: 07920 773983

Your role in a nutshell: I’m responsible for the consultancy side of the business – ensuring our clients and staff are happy whilst delivering a sustainable growth plan.

When you joined WHS: 2011

Your experience: I’m a chartered civil engineer and have worked with a mix of large and small engineering consultancies. Since graduating and starting a proper job back in 1993 with Parkman (now WSP), I have had a diverse mix of civil engineering design and construction experience. After joining Halcrow (now Jacobs) in 1997 I have increasingly specialised in flood risk and drainage. My expertise in this specialism has deepened since joining WHS, as well as developing my experience in how to run a business.

Why you like working for WHS: I love working for WHS as we are a closely-knit team, looking out for each other and always seeking ways to adapt and improve. Nothing stays still for very long!

What drives you: I’ve always had a passion for water, using engineering and maths to predict its movements and gently control it. I am driven by a love for nature and a desire to learn new things and improve – aiming for a utopian perfection but I often change my goalposts so I never quite get there!

What you like doing when not working: I really enjoy listening to music and playing bass guitar. Before starting a family I enjoyed photography and video editing and still dabble when I can, particularly on our family walks in the nature. I’ve recently taken up sailing at my local club and am learning to conquer the waves and tide of the Severn Estuary (or at least not capsize so often).