How do I adjust BFIHOST in Scotland?

BFIScot is an alternative BFIHOST model calibrated using Scottish catchments but is not readily available. This technical note (WHS, 2018. Adjusting BFIHOST in Scotland) outlines a method to adjust BFIHOST such that it closer replicates BFIScot.

A subsequent BFIHOST19 descriptor model was developed in 2019 (Griffin et. al., 2019), which aimed to address a number of issues within the original BFIHOST model (Institute of Hydrology Report No. 126, 1995).

In general, BFIHOST19 can be considered to supersede the use of BFIHOST and BFIScot. However, as in all catchments throughout the UK, it can be useful to utilise local/alternative data to provide confidence in results. This can include sensitivity analyses utilising alternative sources of BFI values e.g. observed BFI values from (nearby) gauged data, BFIHOST and BFIScot in Scotland, as well as more detailed analyses of local soils/geology.