When using multiple pooling groups the results may be inconsistent with the ‘Show urbanised results’ selection box

When multiple pooling groups have been produced it is possible for the Show urbanised results check box and the results which are displayed in the ‘Fittings’ tables to be inconsistent i.e. the Show urbanised results may be selected but rural results are displayed when the Growth Curve or Flood Frequency Curve ‘Fittings’ are subsequently opened. Note that the headers for these results are correct.

This happens when you select or deselect the Show urbanised results check box within one pooling group on the Pooled & QMED analysis dashboard and view results on another. Within the initial dashboard the results in ‘Fittings’ will be updated accordingly. However, the selection applied to the initial pooling group will be uniformly applied to the other pooling groups. For these pooling groups the Show urbanised results check box will have been updated but the fittings will not. The results for these pooling groups will therefore be inconsistent with the Show urbanised results check box.

If you toggle the check box and then open the ‘Fittings’ in the same pooling group the results will be correctly updated.

This will be fixed in the next release of WINFAP (Summer 2023). In the interim you should ensure that you are careful when using multiple pooling groups and check the header (which will indicate whether rural or urban results are being presented) to make sure you are utilising the correct results. To ensure consistency you should actively toggle the Show urbanised results check box for pooling group of interest to ensure that the results are consistent.