Known issues

1. Saving results to a file in Windows 7.
When exporting results using the ‘Save to File’ under Windows 7, users should select a regular folder where they have write permissions: the default folder, Program Files, is typically not user-writable under Windows 7.

2. Saving results files.
The user will not be able to save results files if the boundary polygon name contains punctuation such as ‘:’. After completing a flow estimate the user should edit the site name in the top left hand box with a simple descriptive name. This name will be used as the export file name. The user may change this if required.

3. Saving results to a file from the Flow-Duration tab within Scotland.
If the ‘Save to File’ option is selected from the Flow-Duration tab in the results form, LowFlows 2 will export the natural flows without lake adjustment, even if the lake adjustment check box is selected. In addition, the file will indicate that there are ‘no significant lakes’ within the catchment. To avoid this, users should select ‘Save to File’ from the Results Summary tab instead.

4. Importing some catchments from the FEH Web Service.
There is a known issue in LowFlows 2 when importing some catchments from the FEH Web Service. The polygon generated in the FEH Web Service does not start at a fixed location, whereas LowFlows 2 expects the it to start at the river. A run-time error “91 (Object variable or With block variable not set)” can occur when a polygon starts at the opposite side of the catchment outlet. This can be resolved by tracing the boundary in a new shapefile starting at the outlet (a function available in most GIS software).