Error loading saved projects in WINFAP 4

If you are having an issue with WINFAP 4 not allowing you to re-open previously saved files you might receive an error message stating “the file could not be loaded” and “an error occurred loading the project file”.

This may be due to paths to files used by your project containing commas, for example, a folder called “c:\projects\Flood estimate at 100, High Street”. The comma in the folder name prevents WINFAP from reading the project file correctly. This defect in WINFAP 4 has been remedied in WINFAP 5.

For the time being this can be resolved by following these steps:

  • rename your folders to remove the commas (a dash perhaps instead of the comma); then
  • carefully edit your .feh4 files in a text editor to update the paths referenced in the file to match your renamed folders

This should resolve the problem, however, please contact our support team if you have any further issues.