Can I still use WINFAP/ ReFH 2 with third-party tools if I switch to a network licence?

Yes, third-party tools that communicate with WINFAP and ReFH2 leave licence checking to WINFAP and ReFH 2, so are not concerned about whether a network or standalone licence is being used.

While the third-party tool is communicating with a network-licensed WINFAP or ReFH 2, the latter will occupy a network licence seat but should release it as soon as it has completed its calculations. How long this takes will depend on the size and complexity of your project.

For more information regarding network licences, click here

ICM Users

ReFH2 versions 4.0 and above require Autodesk ICM version 2024.2 or above, due to a change in the format of data exported by ReFH2.
Please see this Autodesk help article (section under FEH13) for further information.