The rainfall runoff module is part of the Introduction to Flood Hydrology course. This module can be taken separately and provides tuition on the latest Flood Estimation Handbook rainfall runoff procedures for flood frequency estimation at both gauged and ungauged sites. This includes the use of the ReFH 2 software.

The course will particularly benefit practitioners who wish to gain practical experience and an overarching understanding of the latest rainfall runoff estimation methodologies and software. The course is suitable for both new users of the ReFH2 software and existing users who would like to consolidate their knowledge and learn more about the latest software.

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Training Course Itinerary

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to FEH Methods
  • FEH Datasets, including the FEH Web Service and FEH13 rainfall
  • The rainfall runoff method, including the use of the ReFH2.3 software.
    • Rural and urban catchments
    • Observed Events and Calibration
  • Special cases, including:
    • Small catchments
    • Permeable catchments
    • Inclusion of climate change