Graphs may not be fully displayed in WINFAP 5.1


Some graphs are not fully displayed. Minimising or maximising the screen does not fix the issue:


The graphical interfaces in WINFAP 5.1 do not natively support the latest high-DPI, or “4K” devices, such as touch-screen laptops that with a 3,200 x 1,800 screen resolution. Microsoft does, however, provide a number of compatibility fixes in Windows 10 and onwards that can be used to compensate.


Right-click on the icon used to launch WINFAP 5.1 (from the list of applications shown in Windows 10 when you press the Windows key -> FEH Software -> WINFAP 5.1 ). Select More -> Open File Location:

Right click on the WINFAP shortcut, select Properties menu, then the Compatibility tab, then Change High DPI settings, and try the various High DPI scaling override options, being sure to click OK/Apply and restart WINFAP. The example illustrated below should be trialled first.