System Requirements
Licence Information

Download WINFAP4 version 4.2.7282
Checksum: ec28dd64983eedbe398898faaa3b2434
  • Release date: 09 Dec 2019
  • Version: 4.2.7282

Release notes:

  • WINFAP 4.2 incorporates the Peak Flow v8 data.
  • There is no requirement for WINFAP 4.0 or 4.1 users to upgrade to WINFAP 4.2 if you have downloaded the Peak Flow v8 data from the NRFA website.
  • Note if you upgrade from WINFAP 4.0 or 4.1 to WINFAP 4.2 you will need to update the Load Options Station file path, as this will maintain your previous settings.
  • For new installations of WINFAP 4.2, your Load Options Station file path will automatically connect to Peak Flow v8 folder.