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Water resources and river flows

Effective river flow estimation is essential when assessing resource availability and dilution capacity. The LowFlows Enterprise and LowFlows 2 software has been developed to meet the need for estimation of flows in UK catchments where there is little or no measured flow data. LowFlows 2 is widely used by hydropower developers, consulting engineers and environmental consultants to estimate natural river flows. LowFlows 2 is supported by the CatchmentsUK software which can derive catchment boundaries for any GIS application.
Using the same models as LowFlows 2 to estimate natural flows, LowFlows Enterprise extends the functionality with extensive water resource modelling capabilities and boundary definition. It can be used to evaluate both the impacts of water use and return on the estimates of natural rivers flows and conduct-scenario analysis of future water. LowFlows Enterprise is widely used by the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Northern Ireland Environment Agency.
CatchmentsUK, LowFlows 2 and LowFlows Enterprise are available on a lease basis. Full support is provided to all lease holders. Training is strongly recommended for the inexperienced user.