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ReFH 2

To purchase ReFH 2 download here and go to our shop and you will be emailed a key to activate it.

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ReFH version 2.2 is the latest version of the Revitalised Flood Hydrograph (ReFH) model. The software enables you to estimate design flood hydrographs for catchment application in both rural and urbanised catchments using the latest methods which draw on both the FEH 1999 and 2013 rainfall models.

Version 2.2 focuses on adding new features to support drainage design, importing the new point rainfall and catchment descriptor data feeds from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology's FEH Web Service. Used in conjunction with the Web Service, ReFH 2.2 can be applied directly to a development site to estimate runoff rates and volumes using rainfall estimates and catchment descriptors specifically for that site. ReFH 2.2 can also be used to model storm durations down to event durations of 5 minutes and has been integrated with the latest version of XP Solutions MicroDrainage product.

Help for using ReFH is provided with the product, and for an in-depth discussion of the functionality and the science that underpins it, please see the technical guidance report.

Providing significantly improved methods for estimating the runoff from rural catchments the impact of urbanisation on design flood hydrographs is explicitly accounted for using the latest published scientific methodologies which also enable you to model the influence of sewer interception on the final hydrograph.

The software is also a best practice method, recommended by the 2015 CIRIA SuDs guidance for estimating Greenfield runoff rates and volumes for sustainable drainage design. The software is also recommended for estimating post development runoff rates and volumes for the design of storage and attenuation requirements for the design of drainage for simple developments.

The software has significantly improved graphing facilities and enables you to simultaneously model a range of design events within a single model run. The new, auditable project reporting and associated model files enable you to transfer model data sets easily and transparently. Your colleagues will be able to consistently reproduce your results and identify where you have refined model parameters.

ReFH is provided on a cost effective annual lease for installation on one computer.

ReFH 2 requires Windows 7 or above. Please note that ReFH 2 will not run on Windows Remote Desktop or virtual machines.

Upgrading from version 2.0 or 2.1

Customers with an active annual licence may download and install the latest release over their current version - there is no need to uninstall first. Your settings and licence details will not be affected.


For any support queries please visit our support pages for answers to your frequently asked questions about the use and licensing of ReFH. You can also contact us with your questions via the support enquiry form.