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Flood Estimation Handbook

The Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) is a Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) publication originally published in 1999, which WHS distributes on their behalf. It gives guidance on rainfall and river flood frequency estimation in the UK and provides methods for assessing the rarity of notable rainfalls or floods. The FEH was reprinted in 2008 and is issued in a set of five printed volumes covering rainfall frequency estimation and both statistical and rainfall runoff procedures for flood frequency estimation.

The original handbook is a comprehensive textbook on flood frequency estimation, however the FEH is an evolving programme of research and there have been important method updates since the first publication of the handbook.

The descriptions of the latest version of the FEH statistical procedures for flood frequency estimation available through the WINFAP software are published in the Joint Defra / Environment Agency 2008 Science Report, ‘Improving the FEH Statistical Procedures for Flood Frequency Estimation’.

The restated FSR rainfall runoff model method has been superseded by the Revitalised Flood Hydrograph ReFH2 software package. The original method background to ReFH is published within the FEH Supplementary Report No. 1 and latest method updates within the ReFH2 Technical Guidance. The original FEH rainfall frequency models were also updated in 2013 with the new methods published by Stewart et al. (2013). These method updates can be freely downloaded from the hyperlinks.

The ReFH and WINFAP software products are supported by the CEH FEH Web Service which enables users to access catchment descriptor values and both the FEH 1999 and 2013 rainfall estimation procedures for over four million sites across the UK. Both software packages can also be used with the legacy FEH CD-ROM 3.

The FEH Web Service was developed and is supported by ourselves on behalf of CEH and is accessed from the CEH website with a range of pay per use pricing options.